The National Investment Trust Limited (NITL) was incorporated in Malawi as a public company on 20th September 2001 with registration number 6024. The Principal objective of NITL is to provide a vehicle to facilitate broad public participation in a diverse portfolio of equity investments in Malawi. NITL has been licensed as an investment trust company by Reserve Bank of Malawi in terms of the powers vested in it by Section 35 of The Capital Market Development Act. NITL is listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange (MSE), and its shares are traded on the MSE thus creating a secondary market subject to market forces.

The investment portfolio of NITL will be managed with a view to providing its shareholders with a return by way of both annual income and capital growth. The Board of Directors recognizes there will always be risk present in any portfolio of investments but has adopted an investment policy which seeks to minimize that risk by avoiding speculative investment and placing limits on the extent of exposure to individual investments.

This investment policy has been prepared by the Board of Directors of NITL for its use and seeks to guide the Board of Directors in its investment decisions in a structured and prudent manner within the context of the investment objectives of NITL in force from time to time.

Availability and Access

NITL is a public scheme available to most investors within and without Malawi, subject only to the restriction on size of investment imposed by the Capital Markets Development Act and any relevant law.

Diversity and Risk

NITL was established as a vehicle to avail ordinary investors an opportunity to participate in a wider range of investments than those feasible for most individual investors, and to share the costs of doing so;

One the main advantages of NITL is the reduction of capital risk by diversification. By investing in as wide a range of equities and securities, the capital risk of the ordinary investor is reduced.

Subject to exchange control regulations, NITL may invest in foreign securities but the primary focus of its investment portfolio will be Malawi registered securities.